V M Mel'nik

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For the period of 1977-1987, operations on the abdominal organs were performed in 13,306 patients. Of them, 115 (0.86%) developed 1 to 21 days after the operation acute ileus requiring the performance of emergency relaparotomy. Lethality in this complication was 33.9%. A retrospective analysis of 103 case records and observations on 12 patients who(More)
The results of the digital rectal examination of 218 patients with "acute abdomen" syndrome are generalized here. 145 patients (66.5%) showed a greater pain-fullness at the detachment of the finger from the anterior wall of the rectum than at the pressing on the latter. 183 patients were operated upon; in 126 of them free liquid was found in the abdominal(More)