V M L Durga Prasad Goli

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Employing nitronyl nitroxide lanthanide(III) complexes as metallo-ligands allowed the efficient and highly selective preparation of three series of unprecedented hetero-tri-spin (Cu-Ln-radical) one-dimensional compounds. These 2p-3d-4f spin systems, namely [Ln3Cu(hfac)11(NitPhOAll)4] (Ln(III) = Gd 1Gd, Tb 1Tb, Dy 1Dy; NitPhOAll =(More)
We study Heisenberg spin-1/2 and spin-1 chains with alternating ferromagnetic (J(F)(1)) and antiferromagnetic (J(A)(1)) nearest-neighbor interactions and a ferromagnetic next-nearest-neighbor interaction (J(F)(2)). In this model frustration is present due to the non-zero J(F)(2). The model with site spin s behaves like a Haldane spin chain, with site spin(More)
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