V M Kosachenko

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As a rule, gerontological patients have a combination of senile physiological immunodeficiency and secondary immunodeficiency caused by various diseases. These states of the immune system are aggravated by stress immunodeficiency formed as a result of operative traumas and anesthesia. The immunodeficiency state (IDS) of such patients in many respects is(More)
Laparoscopic treatment of varicocele is described for 37 patients. The operation was performed under endotracheal, epidural and intravenous anesthesia with ligation of the testicular vein in 18 patients. Ligation with the dissection was conducted in 19 patients. On the first postoperative day 2 patients were given promedol (2%, 1.0 ml), the rest were(More)
People at the retirement age make up one fifth of the whole population in Russia, about 11% of them (3.2 million) being older than 80. The life expectancy will become 69.9 during the next two decades. The share of people who are 80 and older and need medical aid including surgery will increase.
The hormonal status of 38 surgical patients during anesthesia with nitrous oxide and Xe administered by similar methods showed that in contrast to anesthesia with N2O, Xe anesthesia helped not only preserve the adaptive potential, but even increase the defense potential of the organism during surgery. Xe anesthesia was associated with a 1.5 times less(More)
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