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With the use of Weber's modified trichrome and Uvitex 2B techniques, spores of microsporidia were detected in the stools of four travelers presenting clinically with chronic diarrhea. The general health of these patients was not impaired, and human immunodeficiency virus screening was negative. Immune evaluation, including the study of lymphocytic(More)
Growing evidence indicates that an increase of orexin (or hypocretin) signaling is involved in the pathophysiology of major depression, but little is known regarding the causal link between the orexinergic system and depressive-like states. Here we blocked orexin receptors in mice subjected to unpredictable chronic mild stress (UCMS) to investigate putative(More)
In this work we have derived an eecient and eeective adaptive mesh reenement strategy for a stabilised implementation of the lowest order P 1 { P 0 mixed nite element method for steady incompressible Stokes ow. Our analysis indicates that the accuracy of simple a-posteriori error estimators is independent of the stabilisation parameter, and that if the(More)
Chronic stress and depression are associated with decreased levels of hippocampal neurogenesis. On the other hand, antidepressants as well as environmental enrichment may rely in part on their pro-neurogenic effects to improve cognition and mood. Because a functional heterogeneity has been consistently reported along the septo-temporal axis of the(More)
In neonates, excitotoxicity is a major process involved in hypoxic-ischemic brain lesions, and several research groups have suggested the use of NMDA antagonists for neuroprotection. However, despite their clinical interest, there is more and more evidence suggesting that, in the immature brain, these molecules exert deleterious actions on migrating(More)
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