V. M. Dorofeev

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OBJECTIVES Investigation was carried out within the framework of the large-scale international project "Persistent Toxic Substances (PTS), Food Security and Indigenous People of the Russian North" under RAIPON/AMAP/GEF aegis. Objectives of the project are to obtain comprehensive information on exposure of indigenous populations to contaminants through food(More)
Experiments of irradiated mice (600 and 800 R) showed that the numbers of colonies in the spleen is increased under the influence of phlogogenic factors and their morphological composition is changed. It is suggested that under the influence of a noxious agent a “hypothetical factor” causing the above-mentioned changes is formed in the skin.
Reproduction of the vaccine L-3 strains of mumps virus was studied in cultures of continuous Vero cells and in primary cultures of Japanese quail embryos (JQE) growing on DEAE-Sephadex A-50 microcarriers. The Vero cell culture multiplies actively on the microcarrier surface giving more than a 20-fold increase in 8 days. Mumps virus showed a high(More)
Experiments were ca r r i ed out on 35 chinchilla rabbits of both sexes weighing 2.0-2.9 kg. Whole-body i r radia t ion with Co 6~ ~, rays was given to the animals as a single dose of 600 R {dose rate 140 R/min). A single blood sample (25-3 0 ml) was taken f rom the hear t through a s i l iconet rea ted needle f rom the healthy animals and at var ious t(More)