V. M. Dil'man

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Weekly administrations of SDMH to female rats were shown to decrease the tolerance to glucose loading, to increase the cholesterol, triglyceride and insulin levels in serum. Antidiabetic biguanide phenoformin decreases the multiplicity of SDMH-induced colon cancers and decreases their mean square value. The normalizing influence of phenoformin on the(More)
The study was conducted on 40 patients previously operated upon radically for cancer of the mammary gland, uterine body, lung and colon. All patients were explored and treated during 2-14 months. As evidenced by the data obtained, biguanides proved to be mostly effective with regard to normalization of an excessive weight in oncological patients and an(More)
Elevated blood prolactin level was identified in 80% of untreated patients with advanced (stage II-IV) cervical cancer whereas it was normal at the earlier (preinvasive) stage. Patients with stage I-A, II tumors revealed either increased or normal blood prolactin level. Patients with advanced cancer who had undergone irradiation and surgery, either alone or(More)
The azo -de r iva t ive of human placental lactogen (HPL) loses its specif ic hormonal action but p r e s e r v e s its or iginal antigenic c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s , so that it can be c lassed as an anahormone-an t igen . Ant i serum against the anahormone can block the growth, l ip idmobil iz ing, and lactogenic effects of human somato t rop ic(More)
A correlation was made between the complex of metabolic indices (the concentration of free fatty acids, cholesterol, beta-lipoproteids and triglycerids in blood) and the complex of immunological indices (the number of T-lymphocytes, blastogenic reaction of lymphocytes, lysosomal and phagocytic activity of macrophages) in healthy females of two age groups(More)