V. M. Chuchkov

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The paper summarizes the results of longstanding research on the construction of AChE-positive zone in neuromuscular synapse (NMS) in relation to the metabolic profile, muscle fibre diameter and function of the muscles of the head, neck, anterior and posterior extremities of mature albino rat. Comparison of cross-sectional areas and forms of NMS region(More)
The changes in the ultrastructure of myelinic fibers of branchial plexus muscular branches have been studied during exposure to acupuncture of different duration. The studies were performed using muscular branches obtained from the forelegs of sexually mature white rats, weighing 150-170 g. The nerves were processed for electron microscopy according to a(More)
Speech quality was evaluated in 188 patients with acquired maxillary defects. Prosthetic treatment of 29 patients was preceded by pharmacopsychotherapy. Sixty three patients had lessons with a logopedist and 66 practiced self-tuition based on the specially developed test. Thirty patients were examined for the quality of speech without preliminary(More)
The data on formation and construction principles of the blood supply system in the terminal sensitive apparatuses of the human forearm muscles during embryogenesis and early postnatal period are presented. During the intrauterine development, the formation of the vascular-receptor relations takes place in the sequence corresponding to the anlage of the(More)
The Schmidt-Lanterman incisures are formed in the phase of "loose" myelin at 15-17 weeks of prenatal development with the formation of nodes of Ranvier. The formation of mature Schmidt-Lanterman incisure is completed in the second foetis period. Schmidt-Lanterman incisures distribution in nerve fibres of young men depends on fibre diameter. In the nerves of(More)
The superficial human digital flexor and extensor are rich in terminal sensitive apparatuses and they present peculiar reflexogenic zones. There is not any essential difference between these muscle-antagonists according to the topography of the receptors, but functionally different muscle areas (both in the superficial digital flexor and in the digital(More)
Development of blood capillaries in the human intraorganic nerves has been studied. The intramuscular nerves of fetuses, newborns, children and mature persons (88 cases in all) make the object of the investigation. Combination of light optic methods and electron microscopy is used. The development of blood capillaries of the human intraorganic nerves is a(More)
6. S. A. Simbirtsev, N. P. Belyakov, V. K. Vashkinel', and I. N. Zhuravleva, The Artificial Heart and Assisted Circulation [in Russian], Moscow (1981), pp. 15-18. 7~ F. G. Uglov, V. N. Zubtsovskii, P. I. Orlovskii, et al., The Use of New Biopolymer Materials in Medicine [inRussian], Moscow (1979), pp. 74-79. 8. R. Allen, L. Zacharski, S. Widirstky, et al.,(More)