V. M. Chuchkov

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The Schmidt-Lanterman incisures are formed in the phase of "loose" myelin at 15-17 weeks of prenatal development with the formation of nodes of Ranvier. The formation of mature Schmidt-Lanterman incisure is completed in the second foetis period. Schmidt-Lanterman incisures distribution in nerve fibres of young men depends on fibre diameter. In the nerves of(More)
The changes in the ultrastructure of myelinic fibers of branchial plexus muscular branches have been studied during exposure to acupuncture of different duration. The studies were performed using muscular branches obtained from the forelegs of sexually mature white rats, weighing 150-170 g. The nerves were processed for electron microscopy according to a(More)
The data on the vascular bed formation and construction of intraorganic nerves of the human forearm muscles in embryogenesis are presented. It is stated that in the process of development the following stages can be revealed in microvessels of the neural fasciculi: a) prevascular (up to 3 months of the intrauterine development, b) initial stage of formation(More)
Morphological studies of peripheral human nerves have shown that the number o of Schmidt-Lanterman incisures in an internode is proportional to the fibre diameter. Quantitative and ultrastructural examinations of incisures in the shoulder plexus nerves of the juvenile have proved some common features in the distribution and structure of incisures,(More)
The data on formation and construction principles of the blood supply system in the terminal sensitive apparatuses of the human forearm muscles during embryogenesis and early postnatal period are presented. During the intrauterine development, the formation of the vascular-receptor relations takes place in the sequence corresponding to the anlage of the(More)
In the human intraorganic nerves of the thoracic muscles amyelin fibers make 62% and myelin ones--38%. In transversal sections ultrastructure of the myelin and amyelin fibers varying in their diameters has been studied. In the myelin and amyelin fibers the amount of various organells is not equal: in the amyelin fibers the arrangement density of(More)
Development of blood capillaries in the human intraorganic nerves has been studied. The intramuscular nerves of fetuses, newborns, children and mature persons (88 cases in all) make the object of the investigation. Combination of light optic methods and electron microscopy is used. The development of blood capillaries of the human intraorganic nerves is a(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of the study is to enlarge and define the perimeter of application of manometrical method for investigation of nasal breathing. METHOD We studied patients with congenital or acquired pathological communications of the maxilla as well as patients with perforation of the sinus after teeth extractions that have been treated by(More)