V M Carey

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We describe and test an adaptive algorithm for evolution problems that employs a sequence of " blocks " consisting of fixed, though nonuniform, space meshes. This approach offers the advantages of adaptive mesh refinement but with reduced overhead costs associated with load balancing, remeshing, matrix reassembly, and the solution of adjoint problems used(More)
Impaired depth perception (astereopsis) has been observed in a variety of cerebral pathologies affecting the posterior parietal lobe. In the current study of 93 consecutive head trauma admissions, 24% had complete astereopsis and 41% performed more than 2 SDs below the orthopedic control group mean. Degree of impairment was related to Glascow Coma Scale(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, we develop an a posteriori error analysis for operator decomposition iteration methods applied to systems of coupled semilinear elliptic problems. The goal is to compute accurate error estimates that account for the combined effects arising from numerical approximation (discretization) and operator decomposition iteration. In an(More)
We consider adaptive finite element methods for solving a multiscale system consisting of a macroscale model comprising a system of reaction-diffusion partial differential equations coupled to a microscale model comprising a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. A motivating example is mod-eling the electrical activity of the heart taking(More)
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