V. Lyons

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Invariant NK T (iNKT) cells can provide help for B cell activation and Ab production. Because B cells are also capable of cytokine production, Ag presentation, and T cell activation, we hypothesized that iNKT cells will also influence these activities. Furthermore, subsets of iNKT cells based on CD4 and CD8 expression that have distinct functional(More)
The effects of cooperative and individualistic learning experiences were compared on interactions and relationships between severely adaptive handicapped (not adapting to regular classroom demands) and nonhandicapped seventh-grade students in science classes. We investigated the predictions that (a) requiring cooperation between the two groups of students(More)
This report describes a biological screening system to measure the antioxidant capacity of compounds using the oxidant-induced growth arrest response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Alternative methods using the nonphysiological free radical compounds such as diphenylpicrylhydrazyl and azinobis ethylbenzothiaziline-6-sulphonate (ABTS) only provide an(More)
During the production of wine and beer, the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae can encounter an environment that is deficient in zinc, resulting in a 'sluggish' or a 'stuck' ferment. It has been shown that the Zap1p-transcription factor induces the expression of a regulon in response to zinc deficiency; however, it was evident that a separate regulon was also(More)
Elemental uptake and export of the cell are tightly regulated thereby maintaining the ionomic homeostasis. This equilibrium can be disrupted upon exposure to exogenous reactive oxygen species (ROS), leading to reduction or elevation of the intracellular metal ions. In this study, the ionomic composition in the eukaryotic model organism Saccharomyces(More)
Law Enforcement agencies in the UK have utilised Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology for several decades with a number of high profile crime detection successes. In an effort to ensure that end users are provided with the very best investigative opportunities, data accuracy and system performance must be constantly reviewed. This primary(More)