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SopA belongs to a large family of bacterial partition protein ATPases. It helps stabilize the F plasmid by acting as the primary repressor of transcription of the sopAB operon, preventing the destabilizing effects of Sop protein excess. It is also thought to act directly in the F partition mechanism. We have examined the role of SopA in partition and(More)
The first processing event of the precursor ribosomal RNA (pre-rRNA) takes place within the 5' external transcribed spacer. This primary processing requires conserved cis-acting RNA sequence downstream from the cleavage site and several nucleic acids (small nucleolar RNAs) and proteins trans-acting factors including nucleolin, a major nucleolar protein. The(More)
The SopA protein plays an essential, though so far undefined, role in partition of the mini-F plasmid but, when overproduced, it causes loss of mini-F from growing cells. Our investigation of this phenomenon has revealed that excess SopA protein reduces the linking number of mini-F. It appears to do so by disturbing the partition complex, in which SopB(More)
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