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Layered compounds are nanostructured, intrinsically anisotropic materials which often undergo intercalation reactions producing host– guest complexes. In this work examples from the molybdenum disulfide chemistry are used for discussing how the properties of the products may be regulated by appropriate selection of the guests species used for(More)
This study was conducted a promising approach to surface functionalization developed for lipid-core nanocapsules and the merit to pursue new strategies to treat solid tumors. Bromelain-functionalized multiple-wall lipid-core nanocapsules (Bro-MLNC-Zn) were produced by self-assembling following three steps of interfacial reactions. Physicochemical and(More)
The effect of the neutral surfactant dodecylamine and octadecylamine on the synthesis of TiO2-based nanostructures by the treatment of anatase with NaOH under hydrothermal conditions in the temperature range 120-150 degrees C and different reaction times was investigated. The products analyzed by electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, FT-IR and elemental(More)
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