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The composition of vaginal bifidoflora in 56 clinically healthy women of reproductive age was studied. The study revealed that four species of bifidobacteria, viz. Bifidobacterium bifidum, B. breve, B. adolescentis 2 and B. longum, dominated in the composition of this bifidobacterial population. Nine out of 11 isolated strains were found to be capable of(More)
The course of 60 pregnancies induced by ovulation stimulation with pergonal (in 46 cases) and lutrelef, an LHRF agonist (in 10 cases) was followed up. The authors emphasize the importance of the first therapeutic course as a preparative one, because pregnancies occurred in only 15 and 20% of patients treated with the two drugs, respectively, after it, and(More)
Cardiotocograms were studied in 40 women during timely labor with the use of Nedezhda MKP-01 fetal monitor with real-time automated processing of the following parameters: fetal basal heart beat rate, amplitude and length of decelerated heart beat rate, amplitude and frequency of oscillations of heart beat rate, time of delayed deceleration minimum with(More)
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