V L Mikhaĭlova

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The differentiated surgical approach to hydatid lung cysts and the operative techniques used in 343 children treated in the Department of Pediatric Surgery over 24 years (1975-1998) are presented. The left lung is involved in 143 children (41.7%), the right--in 155 (45.2%), whereas in 45 cases (13.1%) it is a matter of bilateral location. Infectious(More)
This is a report on a retrospective study of experience had with complex treatment of pleuropulmonary blastoma in ten children aged 2-11 years, covering a 27-year period. In all patients diagnosis is made on the ground of clinical symptomatology, imaging methods and histological findings. All patients undergo surgery, as follows: tumor extirpation (n = 3),(More)
Over a 20-year period, thirty-two children with infantile (congenital) lobar emphysema (ILE) are subjected to treatment in the department of pediatric chest surgery--Emergency Medicine Institute "N. I. Pirogov". The age distribution of the patients is as follows: neonates--7 (21.8 per cent), sucklings--17 (53.8 per cent), 1 y.--5 (15.6 per cent), 2 y.--2(More)
The long-term results of operative management in a series of 98 children presenting congenital anomalies of the bronchopulmonary system, aged 6 months to 17 years, are studied. Of the total, 3 children (3.1 per cent) are operated for pulmonary sequestration, 25 (25.5 per cent)--for bronchogenic cysts, 19 (19.3 per cent)--for polycystic conditions, 2 (2.0(More)
The combination of subphrenic abscess with purulent pericarditis is a rare postoperative complication of perforated appendicitis in children, with severe clinical course, difficult to diagnose and high case fatality rate. A 7-year-old child with this complication, successfully diagnosed and treated is reported. The importance of complex therapy--surgical(More)
Lung barotrauma (LBT) are some of the most frequent complications in the course of mechanical ventilation (MV) in risk newborn infants. The interstitial emphysema among them is the most frequent cause for development of chronic hung diseases, but the pneumothorax induces shock state, connected with high mortality. A retrospective analysis of the histories(More)
This is a retrospective analysis of 651 children, aged 0 to 14 years, presenting chest and abdominal injuries, treated over a 6-year period in the section of pediatric surgery of the Emergency Medicine Institute "Pirogov". The results of studies on the etiopathogenesis of chest and abdominal trauma, patterns of associated lesions and quality of prehospital(More)
A rare case of chemical burn of the tracheobronchial tree with powdered NaOH in a child is reported. In the course of the disease there were several periods of acute respiratory failure (ARF), requiring respiratory resuscitation with intubation, mechanical ventilation, aspiration and kinesitherapy. The chemical burn was followed by several hours of(More)
Mediastinal tumors are leading tumors in pediatric chest oncology. Teratogenic mediastinal tumors are characteristic of early childhood. For a period of 7 years 4 children with teratogenic tumors of the mediastinum--7.8 per cent of all mediastinal tumors--have been diagnosed at the Department of Pediatric Surgery, thoracic unit. The authors analyse the(More)