V. L. Lemenev

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Mini-invasive techniques have been increasingly used in lumbar surgery in the past decade, most commonly during operations on the intervertebral disks. However, mini-invasive interventions may be used as a modified traditional approach to treating more serious and challenging pathology, such as tumors of the lumbar vertebrae, metastatic disease, as well as(More)
The results of surgical treatment of patients with occlusive and stenosing lesions of brachiocephalic arteries implemented at Burdenko's Research Institute of Neurosurgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) during 1999-2002 are described. A total of 164 operations were made in 128 patients. Different diagnostic methods and indications for(More)
This paper analyzes the results of the treatment of 92 patients with injury to the great arteries of the lower limbs, which accounted for 15.9% of the number of all patients with injury to the great vessels. As regards lower limb ischemia, the patients were distributed in the following way: 15 (16%) patients had degree I, 27 (29%) degree IIA and 50 (55%)(More)
This case report describes unique situation of dissecting aneurysm of aorta resulting in L3 vertebral body destruction. Diagnostic work-up that helped to elicit proper diagnosis and surgical management is described. Clinical and neuroimaging results of treatment, as well as detailed literature review are given.
Presented herein are the outcomes of managing a total of twenty-six patients suffering from an uncomplicated abdominal aorta aneurysm with a concomitant atherosclerotic lesion of the coronary arteries, referred to our Clinic over the period form 2003 to 2006. Of these, nineteen (70%) patients were diagnosed with the first (symptom-free) stage of cerebral(More)
The authors describe problems of giving urgent surgical care to patients with wounds of the vertebral arteries in different areas of the neck and propose a simple and reliable method of hemostasis for wounds of the vertebral artery in the bony canal. An analysis of results of the surgical treatment of 16 patients with injured vertebral artery is presented.