V. L. Kozel'tsev

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The capability of lysing collagen was studied in 4 species of spore-forming bacteria of the genus Bacillus and 9 species of micromycetes of the genera Aspergillus, Penicillium, Cladosporium, and Alternaria. A specific medium was developed for determining the degree of collagen proteolysis. The spore-forming bacteria possessed the higher index of collagen(More)
The influence of long term parenteral melatonin administration on the biochemical composition of granulation tissue of surgical wounds in rats during healing was investigated. Physiological solution and solutions containing various concentrations of melatonin were subcutaneously injected to the animals within 3 weeks. Control and injected animals were(More)
About 50 protein fractions with molecular mass 15-158 kDa were detected in purified mitochondria isolated from rat liver homogenate after two-dimensional electrophoresis performed as described by O'Farrell. Individual spots, corresponding to proteins of inner mitochondrial membrane, disappeared from electrophoregrams as a result of incubation of the(More)
The influence of melatonin application on wounds healing and biochemical composition of rat regenerating granulation tissue was studied. Melatonin decreased healing rate of wounds. The differences in electrophoretic pattern of proteins extracted by neutral saline solutions were detected. Melatonin increased quantity of neutral soluble collagen fraction and(More)
More than 100 various fractions were detected in human skeletal muscle proteins analyzed by O'Farrell two-dimensional electrophoresis. Main proteins were maintained well in individual preparations of muscle tissue after their storage within 4 days at 20 degrees. The protein fractions with molecular mass of 140-150 kD as well as alteration of other muscle(More)
Two mitochondrial fractions, dissimilar in their sedimentation characteristics, were isolated from rat liver homogenates using differential centrifugation. Morphological peculiarities of mitochondria of both these fractions, their capacity to protein and DNA synthesis as well as activities of several key enzymes of DNA biosynthesis were studied. The(More)
Dynamics of various lipids turnover was studied in ultrastructures of rat liver cells within various periods of autolysis in vitro. Under conditions of autolysis the lipid component in isolated liver cell ultrastructures was dissimilarly altered; the type of these alterations depended apparently on presence of corresponding acyl hydrolases, transacylases,(More)
Composition of phospholipid preparations, isolated from rat liver mitochondria, was studied within various periods of incubation of the organelles obtained including 2 days interval. Distinct decrease in relative content of sphingomyelin, phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl ethanolamine was observed in the preparations during the incubation. At the same(More)