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Detyrosinated and acetylated alpha-tubulins represent a stable pool of tubulin typically associated with microtubules of the centrosome and primary cilium of eukaryotic cells. Although primary cilium-centrosome and centrosome-Golgi relationships have been identified independently, the precise structural relationship between the primary cilium and Golgi has(More)
PURPOSE Synthetic grafts have been increasingly used for complex vascular reconstructions in patients with limited autologous vein availability. Materials currently in use induce increased stenosis and graft thrombosis compared with autologous vein, especially in smaller vessels. We examined whether grafts constructed of a porous biodegradation-resistant(More)
Arterial matrix proteoglycans (PG) are necessary for the maintenance of viscoelastic properties of the vessel wall, but excess levels, particularly of versican and biglycan in primary and restenotic intimal thickenings, are correlated with increased tissue volume and with atherogenicity. There is good evidence that the primary stimulus to increased PG(More)
The major aim of this experimental study was the improvement of hemo- and biocompatibility of microvascular allografts. Comparison of polyurethane and ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethene) micrografts did not show a significant advantage of the new material polyurethane. When the endothelial cell seeding method was applied, endothelial cell harvesting from(More)
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