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Effective control of both cell survival and cell proliferation is critical to the prevention of oncogenesis and to successful cancer therapy. Using functional expression cloning, we have identified GAS5 (growth arrest-specific transcript 5) as critical to the control of mammalian apoptosis and cell population growth. GAS5 transcripts are subject to complex(More)
Since cell death by apoptosis is achieved through complex interactions between numerous molecular components, cells may fail to die when stimulated because of molecular abnormalities in the apoptosis pathway or in its control mechanisms. Such inappropriate cell survival is well established when apoptosis is suppressed by elevated expression of bcl-2, at(More)
Tumour Necrosis Factor alpha binding at the cell surface induces a complex series of signaling events culminating in the caspase cascade, which is central to apoptosis. However, recent work from several laboratories has questioned caspase involvement in commitment to cell death. We have therefore investigated the involvement of caspases in the crucial(More)
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