V L Golubev

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A clinical and electrophysiological analysis of tremor in patients with essential tremor and tremulous form of Parkinson's disease as well as healthy subjects has been conducted. The method of accelerometry was used for assessing the variability of frequency and amplitude tremor. A comparison of the time-domain characteristics and spectral components of(More)
The paper reports a case of painful-legs-and-moving-toes syndrome in a 75-year-old woman who developed it after a paralytic ischias attack at the age of 70. The syndrome was characterized by persistent pains in distal parts of the legs and feet and constant involuntary flexion-extension wave-like toe movements. SSEP studies revealed a defect of conduction(More)
The paper presents estimation of the efficiency of some new forms of madopar (madopar dispergative--Mad-Dis, Mad-HBS) in 26 patients with Parkinson's disease by methods of motor potential, autonomic tests. A good tolerance of Mad-HBS was found. Its administration neither causes changes of autonomic indices nor aggravates symptomatology of cardiovascular(More)
The functional condition of the various links of the nonspecific cerebral systems and their role in the pathogenesis of the early stages of hypertensive disease were studied. The results showed that such patients have anxiety-neurotic disorders and sympathetic shifts in the circulatory system. Emotional stress leads to elevation of arterial pressure and(More)
The paper deals with the results of an electropolygraphical study of night-sleep structure, as well as a clinical and experimental-psychological study of 27 patients with deforming muscular dystony. The quantitative and qualitative characteristics of functional shifts in different links of the nonspecific system in the known clinical forms and at different(More)
One hundred and three children and adolescents, aged 10-17 years have been examined in the study: 78 neurotic patients with high and low anxiety level and 25 healthy children. Lusher's color test with anxiety expression evaluation according to L. Skott and psycholinguistic analysis of the reports on the dreams were the main methods used. In the dreams of(More)