V L Borovjagin

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Based on literary data, conditions necessary for membrane fusion are discussed. It is proposed that fusion mechanisms should be classified according to the primary act involving a change in the membrane structure. Two principal fusion mechanisms are identified: the stalk mechanism, starting with the appearance of a stalk between approaching membranes, and(More)
The addition of calcium to suspensions of egg phosphatidylcholine and cardiolipin converts multiwalled liposomes to the hexagonal (HII) phase (Rand, R.P., Sengupta, S. (1972) Biochim. Biophys. Acta 255:484-492). We have studied this lamellar to hexagonal phase transition by freeze-fracture, thin-section electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction and have(More)
The ultrastructure of identified giant neurones of the visceral ring of Lymnaea stagnalis ganglion alters with the seasonal change of the animal and, experimentally, from the inactive physiological state (winter time or at +4 degrees C) to an active one (spring-summer time or at +18 degrees C). The ultrastructural organization of the active animal's(More)
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