V Lévy

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c-Jun, a transcriptional activator, as well as cyclin D1, a key regulator of the cell cycle, have been described in vitro as mediators of programmed neuronal death. After trophic factor deprivation, the activation of c-jun and cyclin D1 genes is considered as a necessary step within the cellular machinery that leads to cell death. We show here that both(More)
To determine the maximum-tolerated dose (MTD), dose-limiting toxicities and pharmacokinetic of semisynthetic homoharringtonine (ssHHT), given as a twice daily subcutaneous (s.c.) injections for 9 days, in patients with advanced acute leukaemia, 18 patients with advanced acute myeloid leukaemia were included in this sequential Bayesian phase I dose-finding(More)
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