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In this paper we discuss the transformation of a sheet of material into a wide range of desired shapes and patterns by introducing a set of simple cuts in a multilevel hierarchy with different motifs. Each choice of hierarchical cut motif and cut level allows the material to expand into a unique structure with a unique set of properties. We can(More)
We investigate the static and dynamic (phononic) elastic behavior of fractal-cut materials. These materials are novel in the sense that they deform by rotation of “rigid” units rather than by straining these units, can be fabricated by exploiting a simple cutting paradigm, and have properties that can be manipulated by control of the cut pattern and its(More)
We suggest modified bi-level approach for finding the best stacking sequence of laminated composite structures subject to mechanical, blending and manufacturing constraints. We propose to use both the number of plies laid up at predefined angles and lamination parameters as independent variables at outer (global) stage of bi-level scheme aimed to satisfy(More)
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