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A complete sample preparation procedure used to determine three-dimensional fiber orientation from optical micrographs of glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites is presented. Considerations for elimination of irregularities in the elliptical footprints, contrast enhancement between fibers and surrounding polymer matrix, controlled-etching that(More)
Additive manufacturing allows for the production of complex parts with minimum material waste, offering an effective technique for fabricating permanent magnets which frequently involve critical rare earth elements. In this report, we demonstrate a novel method - Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) - to fabricate isotropic near-net-shape NdFeB bonded(More)
A first CMOS chip, containing line interface/speech, power extraction, loudhearing, handsfree, DC/DC converter and ringer amplifier in a 28 pin package powered only from the line, is presented. The chip provides an enhanced anti-Larsen circuit to prevent acoustic howling in loudhearing mode and a revolutionary "handsfree mode" voice control system which is(More)
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