V. Krivtsov

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The cause-and-effect relationships existing in freshwater biogeocenoses and changing with time are conventionally divided into three groups: direct, directly mediated, and indirect. The possibility of using the indirect relationships for the control over natural systems is exemplified by a new scheme of eutrophication control and water quality improvement.
Modern information technologies has changed our world dramatically during last years. We see how a number of traditional professions were died, and how a number of new specialities and workplaces were born under pressure of new technologies. Technologies are moving so quickly, and in so many directions, that it becomes challenging to even keep in mind a(More)
The Heron Wood Reserve in Peeblesshire, Scotland is a 7.5-hectare wood, left untended to facilitate investigation into a natural Scottish Forest Ecosystem. Data on fungal fruiting have been collected since 1994, and since November 2000 physico-chemical and biotic experiments on soil and forest litter have also been conducted with the aim to construct and(More)
In connection with the study of the influence of changes in the structure of insulin on its biological activity, we have obtained previously unknown semisynthetic analogs of bovine insulin -[AIa-B ~5, AIa-B ~] insulin (I) and [Phe-B ~6] insulin (II) -by combining the Achain isolated from natural bovine insulin with the corresponding synthetic analogs of the(More)