V. Krishnamurthy

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A modular version control mechanism is developed for executing write-only transactions with minimal interference to read-write transactions using multiversion data. The execution of write-only transactions is completely independent of the underlying concurrency control protocol. The version control mechanism provides the versatility of using any(More)
Covariance selection seeks to estimate a covariance matrix by maximum likelihood while restricting the number of nonzero inverse covariance matrix coefficients. A single penalty parameter usually controls the tradeoff between log likelihood and sparsity in the inverse matrix. We describe an efficient algorithm for computing a full regularization path of(More)
Decentralized activation in wireless sensor networks is investigated for energy-efficient monitoring using the theory of global games. Given a large number of sensors which can operate in either an energy-efficient ldquolow-resolutionrdquo monitoring mode, or a more costly ldquohigh-resolutionrdquo mode, the problem of computing and executing a strategy for(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is a safe and effective endourologic procedure in patients with renal calculi. It is less morbid than open surgery. However, the patient complains of pain around the nephrostomy tube and demands for good postoperative analgesia. Skin infiltration with bupivacaine around the nephrostomy tube is not(More)
This paper considers the average-consensus problem in a network with arbitrary (but finite) communication delays. A novel Distributed-Averaging (DA) algorithm is presented and shown to achieve average-consensus if at any time <i>t</i> there exists a finite time interval [<i>t</i>, <i>T</i><sub>t</sub>] over which each node can communicate (via a(More)
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