V. Kris Murthy

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OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY AND BACKGROUND Schizophrenia is a complex disease that affects 1% of the population. This disease has a considerable impact not only on patients' health and well-being but also on their surrounding environment. The costs of the disease's management remain large for individuals and society. While literature on the economic impact of(More)
In the course of recent years, reversible watermarking systems for social databases have been proposed to give assurance of possession rights, information treating, and information trustworthiness. Every now and again, these strategies make certain fashioned information recuperation from knowledge of the watermarks, though irreversible watermarking plans(More)
This paper considers the interrelationships between knowledge-based security, concurrency and recoverability in online database transaction processing systems (OLTP). We describe how OLTP can permit the users to carry out the desired actions, and concurrently activate scrutinizing transactions that identify the users with respect to their biometrical or(More)
While transmitting multi or five-sensory information after transduction, the concept of temporal consistency becomes an important issue at the receiving end from the point of view of context. Any violation of temporal consistency among the different decoded sensory information can lead to a failure of context, thereby making the multisensory system(More)