V Korínková

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One hundred twenty schizophrenic patients were treated with clozapine for two months in accordance with a standard trial protocol at ten research centers in the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, and in the GDR. The daily dose ranged from 50 mg to 550 mg (mean: 272.1 mg for responders; 298 mg for nonresponders). In 94 patients (78%) the(More)
BACKGROUND ADAS was designed to measure the severity of the most important symptoms of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Its subscale ADAS-cog is the most popular cognitive testing instrument used in clinical trials of nootropics. It consists of 11 tasks measuring the disturbances of memory, language, praxis, attention and other cognitive abilities which are often(More)
Maprotiline determination in blood serum samples was investigated by the use of both capillary isotachophoresis and spectrofluorimetric techniques. The analyte had to be enriched before determination and extraction with n-heptane was used for this purpose. The preliminary separation enabled the determination of maprotiline in blood serum at therapeutic(More)