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Among 10,418 patients of a Prague hospital, a plain infection with intestinal parasitic protozoans was identified in 1,319 persons (12.7%). Of these, 3.5% were infested with Giardia intestinalis, 0.3% with Entamoeba histolytica forma minuta, 5.7% with Endolimax nana. We evaluated the frequency of findings of protozoans in various clinical diagnoses. A(More)
The data collected in the System of monitoring the environmental impact on population health of the Czech Republic in 1994 and 1995 were obtained routinely and in a stabilized manner in six subsystems: health consequences and risks related to air pollution, drinking water quality, noise, human dietary exposure, human exposure to toxic pollutants from the(More)
  • V Kliment
  • Central European journal of public health
  • 1996
The model study is focused on possibilities of comprehensive evaluation of the multiple exposure of humans to selected inorganic contaminants (arsenic, cadmium, lead, zinc) monitored within the subsystems of the monitoring the environmental impact on population health (inhalation and ingestion exposure from air, drinking water and foodstuffs and biological(More)
In a group of TV announcers, a significant increase in the number of classical aberrations was detected in peripheral blood: 7.5 +/- 3.477% in comparison with 3 control groups (A - 7 healthy women matched for sex, age and place of residence, B - 9 members of TV technical staff, C - 9 actors and actresses) with a mean aberration level of 2.96 +/- 1.136. SCE(More)
The study comprised 12 lactating (L) women, 26 women who interruped the lactating during study (IL) and 6 women failing to lactate (NL). All women gave birth to normal fullterm infants after uneventfull pregnancy and vaginal delivery. Sampling was done during the 2nd day and 10th week after parturition. Lactating women showed more pronounced decrease of(More)