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Body Area Network (BAN) is a network of wireless medical sensors, deployed on a person, for enabling pervasive, individualized, and real time health management. Securing inter-sensor communications within BANs is essential for preserving not only the privacy of health data but also for ensuring safety of healthcare-delivery. The proposed technique presents(More)
  • Ch Demudu, Naidu S Prof, +4 authors Professor
  • 2014
A sensor in order to communicate with another sensor within the sensor network needs to find out the sensor which is adjacent to it. So within the network, a sensor needs to find out its adjacent sensor and communicate with it. In order to communicate it needs to maintain some authentication information. If the sensors are mobile then it is difficult to(More)
Nature inspired algorithms are the most popular and robust algorithms for the optimization of the real world problems like pitch control of an aircraft system. This paper introduces Bat algorithm and Differential Evolution technique for the multi-objective optimization based designing of the fractional order PID (FOPID) and integer order PID controllers.(More)
This paper provides a qualitative analysis of cross-layer protocol for proficient communication in wireless sensor networks. The simplified and energy efficient protocol should be designed in order to maximize the network lifetime because of its inflexible resource constraints, ultra power limitation, and tiny embedded devices. We propose an enhanced(More)
In a remarkably short time, cloud computing has emerged as a hugely important evolution in the way that businesses and individuals consume and operate computing. It's a fundamental shift to an operational model in which applications don't live out their lives on a specific piece of hardware and in which resources are more flexibly deployed than was the(More)
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