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Genetic variation among the seventeen basmati rice accessions collected from the farmers' fields located at different places in India was analyzed using ten arbitrary tenmer oligonucleotide primers by the random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) method. The number of polymorphic/monomorphic bands among the pairwise combinations of the accessions and the(More)
Static strain in complex oxide heterostructures has been extensively used to engineer electronic and magnetic properties at equilibrium. In the same spirit, deformations of the crystal lattice with light may be used to achieve functional control across heterointerfaces dynamically. Here, by exciting large-amplitude infrared-active vibrations in a LaAlO3(More)
Josephson plasma waves are linear electromagnetic modes that propagate along the planes of cuprate superconductors, sustained by interlayer tunnelling supercurrents. For strong electromagnetic fields, as the supercurrents approach the critical value, the electrodynamics become highly nonlinear. Josephson plasma solitons (JPSs) are breather excitations(More)
Transport properties of a multiscale carbonate rock are predicted from pore scale models, reconstructed using a continuum geometrical modeling technique. The method combines crystallite information from two-dimensional high-resolution images with sedimentary correlations from a three-dimensional low-resolution microcomputed tomography ( micro-CT) image to(More)
We used ultrafast resonant soft x-ray diffraction to probe the picosecond dynamics of spin and orbital order in La(0.5)Sr(1.5)MnO(4) after photoexcitation with a femtosecond pulse of 1.5 eV radiation. Complete melting of antiferromagnetic spin order is evidenced by the disappearance of a (1/4,1/4,1/2) diffraction peak. On the other hand, the (1/4,1/4,0)(More)
We report femtosecond resonant soft x-ray diffraction measurements of the dynamics of the charge order and of the crystal lattice in nonsuperconducting, stripe-ordered La1.875Ba0.125CuO4. Excitation of the in-plane Cu-O stretching phonon with a midinfrared pulse has been previously shown to induce a transient superconducting state in the closely related(More)
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