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Water quality scenarios around an offshore outfall off Kochi were simulated using MIKE21 water quality model, assuming a high Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD=50 mg l(-1)) effluent discharge. The discharge is introduced into the model through an outfall located at a distance of 6.8 km from the shore at a depth of 10 m. Three scenarios were simulated with(More)
  • V K Das
  • 1996
The study was carried out on children born over a 10 year period from 1981 to 1990 in a defined area known as Greater Manchester and referred to the Centre for Audiology or the Manchester Royal Infirmary for specialist audiological assessment. The children were investigated for possible congenital or intrauterine infection. Perinatal assessment was carried(More)
Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is an effective tool in shaping difficult-to-machine metal matrix composites (Al/5%TiCp) to a high degree of accuracy and surface finish. The metal matrix composites used for the tests were Aluminum composites reinforced with 5% of titanium carbide particles (TiCp) produced through the powder metallurgy route. In the(More)
Commentary on the paper by Wake et al (see page 238) T he field of audiological medicine has ridden the wave of technological advancement that has transformed many aspects of screening and intervention in medicine. We can screen newborns for hearing loss, however we are not sure what is the most cost effective and simple method. A screening test that can be(More)
The dielectric constant of fluorinated polymides, their blends, and composites is known to decrease with the increase in free volume due to a decrease in the number of polarizable groups per unit volume. Herein, we report an interesting finding on the origin of dielectric constant in a polymer blend prepared using a fluorine-containing polymer and a(More)
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