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The marker variables, Ellenberg Nitrogen Index, nitrous oxide and nitric oxide fluxes and foliar nitrogen, were used to define the impacts of NH3 deposition from nearby livestock buildings on species composition of woodland ground flora, using a woodland site close to a major poultry complex in the UK. The study centred on 2 units in close proximity to each(More)
Increased deposition of atmospheric N largely from intensive agriculture is affecting biodiversity and the composition of natural and semi-natural vegetation in Europe. The value of species based bioindicators such as the Ellenberg N index and measurements of total tissue N and free amino acids in key plant species, is described with reference to a mixed(More)
Since September 1988 over 334.5 x 10 pounds of flashed brine have been returned to the Dixie Valley geothermal reservoir through three injection areas. As a result of the dual flashing process, the injected fluid is enriched in chloride and the heavy water isotopes and depleted in noncondensable and noble gases relative to the produced fluids. Chloride(More)
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