V Kamenická

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Citalopram i.v. and oral had a reliable antidepressive and anxiolytic effect in 101 hospitalized patients, as apparent from the achievement of complete remission in cca 60% of the patients with major depression after four weeks follow-up. Treatment with citalopram by the intravenous or oral route was most successful in anxious or inhibitory depressions,(More)
In an open study, 42 depressive patients (according to DSM-III-R) were administered paroxetine at mean minimal and maximum doses of 21 and 48 mg once daily in the morning. Treatment resulted in complete remission as defined by Serejsky in 57%, and 55% of patients were rated, according to CGI, as improved. Global HAMD and FKD scores significantly dropped(More)
Clonazepam was administered to 55 patients with depressive disorder (DSM-III-R) in average minimal and maximal doses of 2.40 and 6.54 mg/day for 21-28 days. Complete remission was achieved in 60% patients (Serejskij AB, drop of global HAMD and FKD score by more than 50%), in particular in case of concurrent anxiety. A marked antidepressive effectiveness of(More)