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In a retrospective review of 99 children with spastic cerebral palsy, the efficacy of soft-tissue procedures alone in reducing early subluxation of the hip and preventing further subluxation and dislocation was determined. The indication for surgery was early subluxation of one or both hips. Surgery was either adductor tenotomy with or without anterior(More)
The chronically dislocated paralytic hip causes postural difficulties, nursing and hygiene problems, and pain. Therapeutic options are limited. This study reviews the results of resection arthroplasty on 18 hips of 15 such patients. This procedure has many complications, including hip ankylosis, heterotopic ossification, abduction contracture and bony(More)
Incongruent skeletal age in 76 myelomeningocele patients was assessed by a single hand and wrist bone-age film. 28 per cent of patients were found to have a bone age of more than two standard deviations from their chronological age. 22 per cent had advanced skeletal age. Below eight years of age, only 11 per cent were advanced, but over this age 32 per cent(More)
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