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BACKGROUND Ovarian Reserve (OR) is a term which describes the functional potential of the ovary, which constitutes the size of the ovarian follicle pool and reflects the number and quality of the oocytes which are within it. Assessment of the OR helps in reflecting the reproductive potential of women. Various markers are available for assessing the OR and(More)
This paper describes a tool evidence be used to formalize the software requirements. This formalization is based on Z-language. The tool converts the informal to formal Z-language. For this the informal requirements are written in well-defined templates. The tool focuses the requirements and converts it to Z-specification automatically. Test cases are(More)
Wireless communication has become a basic utility in personal and business life such that it becomes a fundamental of our lives and this communication uses the radio spectrum for data transfer. There are issues in using the radio spectrum further, they are, capacity, efficiency, availability and security. The defects of Wi-Fi technology has given birth to(More)
Trash Collection and management in residential locality is the basic considerations referred to in Smart Cities. The concept of trash collection in India is quite tedious. For efficient trash collection, we use the concept of Internet of Things (IOT) which acts as a backbone Technology. Surveillance systems can be used to improve Quality of Service in Trash(More)
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