V K Vikulova

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In response to heat shock or other metabolic insults, an increased expression of different heat shock proteins (hsps) and, in particular, members of the hsp70 family is observed in human cells. Using two-dimensional electrophoresis, we compared the pattern of hsp70 synthesis in human fibroblast cell lines isolated from two contrasting groups of individuals.(More)
Lower sensitivity of the mn d/SM5 strain flies to methyl ether as against the Canton-S flies is established as regarded to induction of bithorax (bx) phenocopies. It is shown that there are no considerable differences in frequencies of bx-phenocopies, abdomen anomalies and ether-induced embryo death between mn d/mn d and mn d/SM5 individuals. It indicates(More)
  • V K Vikulova
  • 2001
A.A Malinovsky allocated 4 most important principles of the system theory: discreteness/rigidity of system, presence of feedback, occurrence of new properties at association of elements in system, a continuity and the maximal fitness in evolution. He believed that the essential factor determining life longevity of the individual are his species-specific(More)
The actinomycin D treated discs were transplanted into imago or larvae ready for pupation to determine the period of synthesis of mRNA's engaged in eye development during the development of eye imaginal discs. When transplanting 24, 48 and 72 hrs eye imaginal discs into larvae ready for pupation, no inhibition of either eye pigment synthesis, or cuticular(More)
The mutagenic activity of two known carcinogens (benzo(a) pyrene and 2-acetylaminofluorene) and that of two structurally closely related but not carcinogenic compounds (pyrene and 4-acetylaminofluorene) was examined by the Muller-5 test for sex-linked recessive lethals (SRL). The chemicals tested were applied to the food medium for larvae of Canton-S(More)
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