V. K. Tewari

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An experimental set up was fabricated to measure the pressure distribution on the seat pan and back-rest of a tractor seat. Experiments were conducted with four different seat pans having radius of curvatures of 60, 75, 90 and infinity cm, four back-rests with radius of curvatures of 30, 60, 90 and infinitity cm, and three back-rest inclinations of 0(More)
An injury severity model is proposed for assessment of injury incidents in industrial settings. A classification scheme for injury incidents considering interactions is also developed. The injury severity model considers injury potential in the form of unsafe conditions and analyzes its transfer to actual injury of varying severity. A case study was(More)
In India, demand for various fruits and vegetables are increasing as population grows. Automation in agriculture plays a vital role in increasing the productivity and economical growth of the Country, therefore there is a need for automated system for accurate, fast and quality fruits determination. Researchers have developed numerous algorithms for quality(More)
The study, carried out at the Batch Annealing Furnace (BAF) shop of Cold Rolling Mill (CRM) at an integrated steel plant of India, concerns ergonomic evaluation and redesign of a manually-operated Electrical Overhead Travelling (EOT) crane cabin. The crane cabin is a complex worksystem consisting of the crane operator and twelve specific machine components(More)
Management of Tata Steel, the largest steel making company of India in the private sector, felt the need to develop a framework to determine the levels of ergonomic performance at its different workplaces. The objectives of the study are manifold: to identify and characterize the ergonomic variables for a given worksystem with regard to work efficiency,(More)
Abstract— AbstractThis paper presents a new two-switch dc-dc converter belonging to higher order family and it performs boosting operation with respect to both the sources A multiple source DC-DC converter suitable to draw power from two different dc sources and feeding a common dc load is presented. The objective of this paper is to develop state-space and(More)