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Raw data is commonly presented in graphical form in published literature. Often authors may be in need to source data from such publications. The raw research data is normally not available to fellow researchers due to non availability of data itself or lack of interest of the author to share the data. Presently many software tools are available for(More)
Vision-based autonomous following of geographical tracks such as rivers and pipelines is a potential solution in applications denied by GPS. Vision-based track-following algorithms require two parameters to determine the aircraft heading namely, orientation of the track and the displacement of the track from an appropriate reference. Track visibility is a(More)
Over the past few years Micro Air Vehicle has gained prominence due to its widespread applications in the field of military and civilian applications. Images captured by onboard cameras on a MAV need to be processed in real time and for this purpose segmentation algorithm is used. On board processing of images is a major challenging task as it involves(More)
This paper describes a novel Driver Assistant System based on real-time video to track lanes and road signs with minimal hardware and software requirements. The proposed system was designed to use low cost cameras and processing power of an on-board commodity laptop. The system model was developed using MATLAB®/Simulink blocksets. This was later converted(More)
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