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In the context of reviewing noncompact lattice gauge models at zero and finite temperature we study in detail a contribution of the invariant measure and the time-like plaquette configurations to correlation functions, analyze the problem of the compactness of the potentials in respect to the confinement and indicate the essential features to deal with the(More)
It was established in chronic experiments on white rats that 40-day supply to the body of a 0.1% phenobarbital solution instead of drinking water activates microsomal enzymes of hepatocytes. Concurrently, the cholesterol content falls, while the enzymatic activity of blood serum and total acetylating capacity of the body increase. 7-day administration of 5%(More)
Experiments with phospholipid liposomes, red cells (or their shades) of man and pigeon, modulated with helium-neon laser, were made to study the effects of papaverine, verapamil, phosphadene, theophylline, nicotinic acid, acetylcholine, adenosine and hydralazine on the intensity of the own fluorescence of the membrane and of the membrane-bound probe,(More)
Analytical study of fermion determinant and chiral condensate behavior at finite temperatures in toy model approximation. Abstract Fermion determinant is computed analytically on extremely large lattices N τ → ∞ in the toy model approximation in which action is truncated so that in the Hamiltonian limit of a τ → 0 all terms of order a τ /a σ are discarded.(More)