V K Minachenko

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The regeneration of anastomosed aortas after radiotherapy and chemotherapy was studied by light, scanning, and transmission electron microscopy in a rat model. At the ultrastructural level, it was observed that sublethal doses of these methods of cancer treatment did not severely block endothelial proliferation in the region of the microanastomosis. Based(More)
Vascularized bone flaps for thoracolumbar and lumbosacral spine fusion were developed in dissections on 52 cadavers, using iliac wing bone based on (1) the quadratus lumborum muscle and (2) the deep circumflex iliac artery. Fifteen clinical fusions were performed using these procedures. It was demonstrated roentgenologically that these vascularized bone(More)
Prevention of thrombosis in the inflow and outflow vessels of a free flap is a problem of current interest. The method of creating a peripheral arteriovenous anastomosis within a free flap was validated in an experimental study and substantiated in a clinical case. No thrombotic complications were observed in 16 transfers of saphenous fasciocutaneous flaps(More)
The authors describe a method of plasty of proximal parts of the femoral diaphysis with a nonfree vascularized autotransplant from the iliac crest on the muscular-vascular connections including the strainer of the wide fascia, portion of the musculus gluteus medius and the feeding ascending branch of the lateral artery surrounding the femoral bone with the(More)
The variants of operative tactics and technique of early microsurgical autoplasty of the extensive crushed and scalped wounds of the digits and hand in 15 patients are presented. Three main groups of the sufferers were distinguished: with scalping of the I digit, with crushing of the digits and a skin defect of the butt-end of a hand stump, with totally(More)