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We present a Compression Tool , GenBit Compress " , for genetic sequences based on our new proposed " GenBit Compress Algorithm ". Our Tool achieves the best compression ratios for Entire Genome (DNA sequences). Significantly better compression results show that GenBit compress algorithm is the best among the remaining Genome compression algorithms for(More)
In this paper we study the resource requirements of electrooptical organizations in performing digital computing tasks. We define a generic model of parallel computation using optical interconnects, called the optical model of computation (OMC). In this model, computation is performed in digital electronics and communication is performed using free space(More)
Semantic Web Technologies enable machines to interpret data published in a machine-interpretable form on the web. The existing e-commerce web data can be understandable to humans to read but machines cannot process it due to lack of semantics. To gain the advantage of using online shopping, consumer needs to search different e-commerce websites for a better(More)
Structural changes in the choroid, a layer located between the retina and sclera, could indicate various vision impairments. Consequently, ophthalmologists inspect optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans of the posterior section of the eye towards making diagnosis. With a view to assist diagnosis, we propose an automated technique for segmentation of the(More)
In the past, JB IG techni que produced strong anisotropic features. But JB IG has inefficient on compress. To sol ve the problem, this paper proposes a novel codi ng scheme based on the H.264 intra-frame codi ng. The H.264 contains two steps to compress the vi deo. The first is residual scal ar quantizati on (RSQ) mode. It directly quantized and entropy(More)
Most of the data is presented on internet is in tabular format. These data cannot be used in user defined applications. This paper deals with a HTML parser, a java program which reads the tabular data and stores it into a two dimensional string array. This two dimensional string array can be further extended for other purposes.
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