V. K. Kumar

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We present a Compression Tool , GenBit Compress”, for genetic sequences based on our new proposed “GenBit Compress Algorithm”. Our Tool achieves the best compression ratios for Entire Genome (DNA sequences) . Significantly better compression results show that GenBit compress algorithm is the best among the remaining Genome compression algorithms for(More)
In this study, the problem of unstructured information extraction has been analyzed and the need for a new Information Extraction algorithm is justified. We propose an Intelligent Information Extraction using Java Agent Development Environment (JADE) to be an optimal solution for intelligent information extraction. This proposed algorithm first assigns(More)
The present day systems are in need of high level of fault tolerance in the Multicore processors without substantial loss of overall performance. The commodity processors that are available now have handled mainly soft errors (transient errors) and a very small amount of work is done for handling hard faults. In this paper we propose to include a(More)
This paper deals with the design of a bio-inspired fish like underwater vehicle. As the applications of underwater robots grow, finding an efficient propulsion technique is of the utmost importance. The current research has focused on the use of biomimetic propulsion, which simulates the undulation of fish tail, i.e. the sinusoidal oscillation. The(More)
When a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM) is utilized for applications where high dynamic performance is not a requirement, a simple open loop control strategy can be used to control them. PMSMs however are prone to instability when operated open loop in a variable speed drive, particularly at mid-frequencies/speeds. This paper presents an(More)
In this paper, we propose an Adaptive Hybrid Transmission schemes for free space optical communication. Proposed algorithm utilizes hybrid mechanism which combines Multi-channel multicasting and unicast scheme to enhance not only service over service blocking probability but also reduce overall bandwidth consumption of the free space optical communication(More)
The Paper presents a Energy Management System based on Fuzzy Logic Controller designed for the online operation of an small grid equipped with four power supplies: Wind Mill Power, Photovoltaic emulator, Fuel Cell and Electric Power these connected to small grid. The connections of the energy sources to the common dc bus make use of power inverters with(More)
The data mining is used in various applications in order to provide decisions, pattern matching and others. In order to mine data, it is required to initially learn from the data and then extract the patterns from data which is supplied in raw formats. Sometimes data is available in parts and need to conclude the outcomes from the data in secure manner.(More)
Intrusion detection faces a number of challenges; an intrusion detection system must reliably detect malicious activities in a network and must perform efficiently to cope with the large amount of network traffic. In this paper, we address these two issues of Accuracy and Efficiency using Conditional Random Fields and Layered Approach. We demonstrate that(More)
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