V. K. Kruchinin

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Behavioral experiments were carried out in which monkeys had to solve a task involving delayed visual discrimination, and activity was simultaneously recorded from several neurons of the visual, prefrontal, and lower temporal regions of the cortex before and after modification of cholinergic (by systemic infusion of the M-cholinoceptor blocker amizil) and(More)
A delayed visual differentiation task using stimuli of different colors was used in rhesus macaques to study the characteristics of visual recognition, short-term memory, and the responses of neurons recorded simultaneously in the visual and prefrontal areas of the cortex, along with their relationships with the site of intracortical (fields 17 or 46)(More)
The effects of modification of NMDA-ergic structures by microdialysis perfusion in the prefrontal cortex (field 8) with NMDA glutamate (2 mM) on visual recognition and short-term memory (STM) were studied in rhesus macaques, using methods based on the deferred differentiation of stimuli of different colors. Impulse activity of neurons in the prefrontal and(More)
The effect of intracortical perfusion with the glutamate agonist NMDA on visual recognition and short-term memory, as well as on the responses of visual cortex neurons, were studied in rhesus macaques. A microdialysis technique was used in combination with multichannel microelectrode recording of single cortical cells in the immediate vicinity of the(More)
The effects of perfusion of field 17 with the glutamate receptor antagonist 2-amino-5-phosphonovaleric acid (APV) on the characteristics of visual recognition and short-term memory were studied, along with the effects of APV on the responses of neurons in the visual and prefrontal areas of the cortex in rhesus macaques. In the test for delayed visual(More)
The impulse activity of groups of neurons of the visual, prefrontal, and inferotemporal cortex was recorded simultaneously in behavioral experiments on monkeys solving a problem of delayed visual differentiation of variously colored stimuli. The neurophysiological correlates of the decision-making processes were studied. Erroneous motoric reactions were(More)
The effect of the NMDA glutamate agonist on cognitive characteristics and short-term memory (SM) was studied in rhesus monkeys. The NMDA effect manifested itself in doubling the SM term and in changing of the unit activity in the prefrontal cortex. The NMDA also induced a considerable increase in the cross-correlation coefficients between the unit responses(More)
Unit activity was studied in the visual cortex prior to and after amyzyl administration in monkeys trained for delayed visual differentiation of different colour stimuli. The data obtained suggests that the cholinergic mechanisms of the visual cortex are involved in the visual recognition and seem to play different functional roles at different stages of(More)