V. K. Khugaeva

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Intravital studies of microcirculation and packed-cell volume in microvessels of rat mesentery demonstrated changes in the direction of the flow and packed-cell volume in the course of 17 minutes' ischemia caused by the occlusion of the afferent arteriole. Deficient inflow to the ischemized region is at first compensated for by the inflow from other(More)
  • V K Khugaeva
  • 1986
The erythrocyte redistribution in the rat mesentery microvessels and the development of postischemic microcirculatory disturbances were influenced by the thrombosis in narrow parts of arterioles and the increase in leukocyte adhesion to venule walls obstructing the blood outflow. The presence of branches and anastomoses in microvascular bed had a pronounced(More)
The physiological effects of bradykinin on the central and peripheral circulation have been reasonably well studied [2, 6, 11, 13]. However, information on the effect of bradykinin on the microeirculation is contradictory. According to some workers, bradykinin causes dilatation of microvessels [4, 9], according to others it causes constriction [8, 9, 14],(More)
i0~ ii. 12. N. A. Bondarenko, Abstract No. 2038 Lodged with the All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (1980). O. N. Voskresenskii, in: Bioantioxidants [in Russian], Moscow (1975), pp. 121-1260 O. N. Voskresenskii, and V. A. Tumanov, Angioprotectors [in Russian], Kiev (1982), pp. 95-96. N. N. Kleimenova, V. A. Arefolov, and N. A.(More)
Activation of contractile activity (CA) of the microlymphatics (ML) is one of the main factors increasing the lymph drainage from the organs and tissues of the body. Lymphatics are known to have an adrenergic innervation [9, 14, 15] and their CA is stimulated by catecholamines [2-5]. However, catecholamines have a number of side effects (vasoconstriction,(More)
Opioid peptides play a definite role in the central regulation of the circulation [4, 14]. The effect of the opiate receptor agonist Leu-enkephalin (LE) on the work of the cardiovascular system is to reduce BP, the heart rate, sensitivity of the baroreceptor reflex, and the strength of the spastic reactions of the carotid arteries, and to depress neurogenic(More)
The compound dalargin, synthesized in the Laboratory of Peptide Synthesis, All-Union Cardiologic Scientific Center, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (Head, Professor M. I. Titov), is a synthetic analog of the opioid peptide Leu-enkephalin. Data on the high therapeutic activity of this preparation in experimental pancreaticnecrosis, pancreatitis,(More)