V. K. Ivanov

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The work is concerned with assessment of radiation risks for non-cancer disease among the Chernobyl liquidators from 1986 to 1996. As of 1 January 1999, the Russian National Medical and Dosimetric Registry contains medical and dosimetric data for 174,000 liquidators. The cohort of 68,309 liquidators for whom best verified medical data are available is(More)
Photoionization cross section of the fullerene ion C + 60 has been calculated within a single-electron approximation and also by using a consistent many-body theory accounting for many-electron correlations. Electronic wave functions of the ground and excited states have been determined within the jellium model based on the local density approximation. It(More)
We studied the effects of nanodispersed ceria on wound healing in vitro and in vivo. It was found that cerium dioxide stimulated wound healing, which manifested in shrinkage of burn wound area (by 1.5 times) and intensification (by 2.4 times) marginal epithelialization.
Luminescent organic dots (O-dots) were synthesized via a one-pot, solvent-free thermolysis of citric acid in urea melt. The influence of the ratio of the precursors and the duration of the process on the properties of the O-dots was established and a mechanism of their formation was hypothesized. The multicolour luminescence tunability and toxicity of(More)
This article presents main results of the pilot study of approaches to the subject information search based on automated semantic processing of mass scientific and technical data. The authors focus on technology of building and qualification of search queries with the following filtering and ranking of search data. Software architecture, specific features(More)
This article presents results of experimental studies the effectiveness of the genetic algorithm that was applied to effective queries creation and relevant document selection. Studies were carried out to the comparative analysis of the semantic relevance and quality ranking of the documents found on the Internet in various ways. Analysis of the results(More)
(Работы проводились при финансовой поддержке РФФИ, договор № НК13-07-00342/14) Abstract The quality of documentary subject search or search for documents containing specifically coordinated information on a target subject is not always satisfactory. Despite the availability of powerful search engines for information resources on the Internet or special(More)
The efficacy of the novel class of dressings was studied. The natural and synthetic polymeric components of them are arranged not in layers, but in a unified structure, i.e., form a new composite material. In particular, it was determined whether the interaction of a dressing surface with cells of injured tissue and/or culture grown in vitro depends on the(More)
[2] A. Adil and I. Vitev, " Collisional dissociation of heavy mesons in dense QCD matter, " Phys. Lett. [3] D. Antypov and C. Holm, " Osmotic coefficient calculations for dilute solutions of short stiff-chain polyelectrolytes, " Macromolecules 40 (2007) 731–738. Synchronization properties of bidirectionally coupled semiconductor lasers under asymmetric(More)