V K Hangloo

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Serum sialic acid values, estimated by thiobarbituric acid method of Warren as modified by Saifer and Gerstenfeld in 50 normal healthy persons of both sexes are reported. The average values were 68.47 +/- 4.85 mg% and 67.77 +/- 7.87 mg% for males and females respectively and for both sexes the value was 68.12 +/- 6.70 mg%. Age and sex have no influence on(More)
Amongst 876 cases suffering from ascariasis 662 cases were managed conservatively and 214 cases were treated by surgery. Surgical complications were found to be more common in males in the age group of 6-10 years. Principal clinical features included pain abdomen (99.54%), constipation (80.25%), vomiting (67.46%), abdominal distension (47.03%), palpable(More)
The clinical presentation of six cases with primary ascaridial perforations of the terminal ileum (4 cases) and Meckel's diverticulum (2 cases), without any associated underlying intestinal disease, is described. All the cases presented clinically as peritonitis and had worm masses in the intestinal lumen with maximal impaction in the terminal ileum. Ileal(More)
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