V. K. Golakai

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Two cases of simultaneous typhoid perforation of terminal ileum and appendix are reported from Harare Central Hospital. These findings have not been reported before. Perforations were associated with schistosomiasis and HIV/AIDS. Definitive diagnosis was made only after laparotomy, serology and histopathology. With early diagnosis, effective resuscitation(More)
This report describes the clinical presentation, diagnostic work up and surgical management of a rare case of a wedge-shaped organic foreign body found lodged transversely in the wall of the terminal ileum at laparotomy in a 74 year old woman operated on for segmental constrictive intestinal obstruction. The presence of foreign bodies in the(More)
The H-2 isoantigenicity of murine tissues was unaffected by the intraperitoneal growth of the Ehrlich ascites tumor, as shown by their normal capacity to absorb H-2 isohemagglutinins. Skin grafts from Ehrlich ascites tumor-bearing C57BL mice had a longer survival in RIII mice than grafts from nor mal donors. First-set allografts from tumor-bearing donors(More)
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