V. K. Ermakova

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1. Specifications and Cri ter ia for Biochemical Compounds, Washington (1972), pp. 149-183. 2. J . E . O'Reilly, Anal. Chem., 4_~7, 1077 (1975). 3, G. Dryhurst , Periodate Oxidation of Diol and Other Functional Groups. Analytical and Structural Applications, Pergamon, P ress , Oxford-New York (1970). 4. A . J . Fatiadi, Synthesis, No. 4 ,229 (1974). 5. G.(More)
Amidopyrine (I) is a pronouncedly crystalline compound. Technical-grade (I) has a yellow or a light brown color, and to raise its quality to the level of the Pharmacopoeia requirements, additional material and raw material resources are required. A yellowing of amidopyrine and of preparations based on it is also sometimes observed on prolonged storage. As(More)
The components of the mixture were identified according to the retention time of the pure substances, as well as by a chromato-mass-spectrometric method according to the molecular weights of (M +') and the characteristic processes of decomposition under electron impact. Chromato-mass spectrometry was conducted on an LKB-9000 chromatograph-mass spectrometer,(More)
chromate in 5 ml of acet ic acid, as desc r ibed under A. After oxidation and addition of sodium sulfate, 3 ml of concentra ted hydrochlor ic acid is added, and the mixture is boiled for 2 h. The solution is poured into water and ex t rac ted with methylene chloride. The ex t rac t is dist i l led in vacuo, and the residue ehromatographed on si l ica gel.(More)
The advantages of the method are its high sensitivity (Cmi n = 0.2 mg/liter), its contrast range (e = 0.44.10 s, &% = 210 nm), and its selectivity (the possibility of masking of inorganic salts, polymeric, and other organic compounds that interfere in the determination). This allows the determination of proxanol not only in aqueous solutions, but also in(More)
The course of the alkylation of malonic e s t e r s depends on the s trength of the base used, the s t ruc ture of the alkylating agent, and the nature of the solvent [1, 2]. According to existing technology for the production of sodium pentobarbi ta l by alkylating malonic e s t e r , sodium ethoxide and ethyl alcohol a re used as base and solvent. Metal a(More)
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