V K Altebarmakian

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In adult patients with Leydig cell tumor of the testis, endocrinologic signs occur in 30 per cent of the cases and often precede the onset of a palpable testicular mass. Gynecomastia is the most common endocrinologic manifestation and probably is due to increased estrogen secretion by the Leydig cells. In the patient with adrenogenital syndrome and(More)
Six hundred thirty-two percutaneous renal biopsies were performed in 479 patients between 1965 and 1978. Complications occurred with 86 biopsies, an incidence of 8.5 per cent. Most complications (seventy-six of eighty-six) were minor, and either resolved spontaneously or did not require intervention. There were ten major complications, including 6 patients(More)
We describe 2 children with renovascular hypertension treated successfully by autotransplantation, as well as an additional child in whom ex vivo microsurgical repair was attempted. The literature is reviewed and all patients within the pediatric age group with renovascular hypertension who were treated surgically are reported. The different types of(More)
We have found that the blanket philosophy of emergency scrotal exploration in all cases of acute scrotal swelling in boys results in an unacceptably large number of unnecessary explorations. The use of specific aspects of the clinical examination, in conjunction with the radioisotope testicular scan in selected instances, has guided our management of 150(More)
Mutator-like transposase is the most represented transposon transcript in the sugarcane transcriptome. Phylogenetic reconstructions derived from sequenced transcripts provided evidence that at least four distinct classes exist (I–IV) and that diversification among these classes occurred early in Angiosperms, prior to the divergence of Monocots/Eudicots. The(More)
Numerous reports have shown that serotonin (5-HT) has a detrimental effect on spermatogenesis and androgen synthesis. Serotonin has two mechanisms of action on the testicle: (1) vasoconstrictive changes possibly causing premature sloughing of spermatozoa, and (2) alteration of androgen metabolism. The data in our animals with the experimental varicocele(More)
More and more renal artery aneurysms are being diagnosed, especially after the introduction of selective arteriography for the evaluation of renovascular hypertension. However, renal artery aneurysm still remains a rare entity. The pathogenesis of renal artery aneurysm is identical to the pathogenesis of arterial aneurysm in other arteries. Symptoms of(More)
Priapism is a complication rarely seen in childhood leukemia. Whatever the etiology the basic pathologic feature is obstruction to venous outflow from the corpora cavernosa. The cavernous bodies are erect but the glans penis and the corpus spongiosum usually remain soft. Various forms of treatment have been advocated for the management of this condition and(More)
A number of reports have shown that serotonin has a detrimental effect on spermatogenesis and androgen synthesis. Serotonin has 2 mechanisms of action on the testicle: 1) vasoconstrictive changes and 2) direct alterations of testicular metabolism and endocrine activity. The data in animals with the experimental varicocele clearly mimic the human situation.(More)