V. K. Agrawal

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—A simple and cost-effective software-based resolver-to-digital converter using a digital signal processor is presented. The proposed method incorporates software generation of the re-solver carrier using a digital filter for synchronous demodulation of the resolver outputs in such a way that there is a substantial savings on hardware like the costly(More)
A reversible logic has application in quantum computing. A reversible logic design needs resources such as ancilla and garbage qubits to reconfigure circuit functions or gate functions. The removal of garbage qubits and ancilla qubits are essential in designing an efficient quantum circuit. In the literature, there are multiple designs that have been(More)
Authentication is required in stored database systems so that only authorized users can access the data and related cloud infrastructures. This paper proposes anàuthentication technique using multi-factor and multi-dimensional authentication system with multi-level security. The proposed technique is likely to be more robust as the probability of breaking(More)
BACKGROUND To seek pleasure is man's innate nature. In his search for gratification, man has discovered a world of substances that intoxicated him. Those who fell within its trap, their life changed, their families aggrieved and they shrank from company. The addiction remained alone in the end. To many death was a relief. METHODS A community based cross-(More)