V. K. Agrawal

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—A simple and cost-effective software-based resolver-to-digital converter using a digital signal processor is presented. The proposed method incorporates software generation of the re-solver carrier using a digital filter for synchronous demodulation of the resolver outputs in such a way that there is a substantial savings on hardware like the costly(More)
Tuberculosis is a specific granulomatous infectious disease and a major cause of death in developing countries. Primary gingival tuberculosis is extremely rare and forgotten entity. Oral lesions usually appear as secondary to primary tuberculosis infection elsewhere. The lesion may take the form of nodules, ulcers, or elevated fissures. We report a case of(More)
Management of patients with traumatic injury is a complex endeavor requiring a concerted effort of multi-organ stabilization and prevention of septic shock. Given that traumatic injury is frequently mediated by illicit drug use, which has previously been associated with immune suppression, it is hypothesized that infectious complications may occur more(More)