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Few developing countries have foodborne pathogen surveillance systems, and none of these integrates data from humans, food, and animals. We describe the implementation of a 4-state, integrated food chain surveillance system (IFCS) for Salmonella spp. in Mexico. Significant findings were 1) high rates of meat contamination (21.3%-36.4%), 2) high rates of(More)
This paper considers a single-machine scheduling problem where the decision authorities and information are distributed in multiple sub-production systems. Sub-production systems share the single-machine and must cooperate with each other to achieve a global goal of minimizing a linear function of the completion times of the jobs; e.g., total weighted(More)
Biobjective robust optimization over the efficient set for Pareto set reduction, methodology to aid multiobjective decision making in the electricity generation capacity expansion problem to minimize cost and water withdrawal, " A serial supply chain of Newsvendor problem with safety stocks under complete and partial information sharing, Integrated decision(More)
Studies located and coded into ECOTOX must meet acceptability criteria, as established in the Studies that do not meet these criteria are designated in the bibliography as " Accepted for ECOTOX but not OPP. " The intent of the acceptability criteria is to ensure data quality and verifiability. The criteria parallel criteria used in evaluating(More)